In today's competitive environment, a business needs to take advantage of every opportunity to set itself apart from the competition.  Through the use of custom glass systems, today's owners can create a unique statement for their single store front or an entire building. 

Since 1993, Green Glass has been assisting business owners, architects, building owners, general contractors, and designers bring to life the exact look and feel for a business or building that they are looking for.   

Our formalized quality program includes... 

  • Manufacturer established shop fabrication check lists

  • Use of OEM spec materials all the way down to fasteners and sealants

  • Strict adherance to system performance specifications for each application 

  • Formal installation quality check lists for each type of system we install

  • Manufacturing partnerships with industry experts for full commercial systems as well as sealant specialists

Green Glass has produced a body of work that leads the way.  For 25 years, we have built our business by providing a unique level of customer service and, as we build and install to the exact manufacturers' specifications, we faithfully stand behind each and every one of our installations. 

Contact Green Glass of Georgia today to ensure your next project not only looks great but performs great as well.